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At Catalyst Transformation Institute, we offer a variety of transformational and dynamic services.

NLP 'SIT' Sessions
SIT(Strategic Integrative Targeting) Sessions are single-session interventions designed to obliterate the 'Interference' that prevents unbridled living and personal performance through a unique fusion of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, TIME Techniques, Coaching Intervention and Hypnosis.

Eliminating these 'Interferences' will emancipate you and allow you to perform better, accomplish more and enjoy life more abundantly.

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NLP Personal 'Breakthrough' Sessions

A high-octane, full-day (or two half-days) intensive coaching that is  customized just for you. Beginning with a thorough personal history interview, we will uncover all the pertinent "Interferences" that choke-out your full potential that you may not even be aware of. We will then begin eliminating them one at a time, allowing you to re-ignite the dreams, passions and goals that are essential for you to have a life you caused, not one you caught. (like a bad cold)  

Your Full-Scale, Comprehensive Personal Breakthrough Session will be a powerful, restorative experience that give you the following:

- Greater Confidence                      - Improved Decision Making

- Higher Performance Levels          - Overcome Procrastination

- Empowerment                              - Strengthen Self-Efficacy

- Conquer Stress                             - And MUCH more.....

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The CATALYST Inner Circle Coaching Program
Are you ready to play at 100%-FULL OUT?

Do you want to be a CATALYST in your own right, who is all-in and holds nothing back?

Are you ready to come through like you never have before? 

Using the power of your subconscious mind, our proprietary CATALYST Model, and the world's most powerful strategies for drawing out the best in you, this elite coaching program leaves nothing lacking in helping you fight for your success and WIN!

Whether you want greater success in business or personal transformation, the CATALYST Coaching Program is for you!

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